Transitional Housing

Our Housing Program Components

All program activities are specifically planned to meet the needs to this special population as well as individuals being released from mental health facilities. Our program components target a very diverse population that includes sexes as well as English and Spanish speaking individuals. Activities and services include


  • Assisting our members to establish short term and long term housing for the population we serve  

  • Assessing the new admissions for appropriate service delivery, and training the staff of each members ¾ house to do the same

  • Conducting mandatory continuing education, GED classes and ESL (English as a second language) classes

  • Conducting employability and vocational skills training sessions that include interviewing, job searches and resume development.

  • Drug test each new resident for drug use upon entering the program and again periodically and randomly throughout their stay at Another Level residences.

  • Providing assistance to clients in obtaining permanent housing/residence, including reunification with family where appropriate.

  • Conducting education and information sessions to prevent, treat and reduce substance abuse.

  • Conduction character building and life skills sessions that promote mental health.

  • Conducting sessions that increase physical health including physical education and health assessments information sessions, heart disease prevention and intervention sessions including exercising and nutrition, as well as conducting HIV education and prevention sessions