Transitional Housing

Intro to the Housing Program

Our target service area has a significant population of homeless individuals. These individuals are being discharged from penal institutions, mental hospitals and drug rehabs. They typically experience a variety of transitional and/or stability issues including housing, family dysfunction or reunification issues, substance abuse, health, mental illness and lack of employment. A productive, lawful transition to society and/or successful probation period depends on appropriate housing and linkages to community resources and services. 


We currently operate several transitional houses in Charlotte, North Carolina and Gastonia, North Carolina and Brooklyn New York.  Our transitional program houses 8 to 10 men or women in each house. We believe that it is important to provide a home environment opposed to an institutional setting.  Each house has appropriate rules and regulations as well as 24 hour supervision. Our residential advisors receive continuous training to insure that quality of life is maintained.