MFC International


About MFC International

MFC International LLC is a for profit entity that specializes in building nonprofit organizations, from the ground level. This concept is born from a recent survey conducted by the University of Phoenix. Out of 1,600 adults surveyed, 63 percent of people in their 20's either owned their own businesses or wanted to someday, and of those who were not already entrepreneurs, 55 percent hoped to be in their own business in the future. In fact creating a start-up is becoming a socially acceptable alternative to getting a job or going to graduate school after college.


Most people have an idea of what they would like to do but are unable to express it in layman's terms. At MFC International we formulate a plan for your new organization, assist you with the filing of necessary documents with the secretary of state's office for the state of business, obtain your tax ID #, write program and business plans, complete 501c3 applications with the IRS and file your business' solicitation documents. According to the foundation center there are approximately 1.5 Million nonprofit organization at least ½ of those organizations are not functioning because the principals of those organizations are not aware of what to do, there is no money to get them started and grants are not guaranteed. Unfortunately the principals of these group of people have been waiting for grants forever, they are literary waiting for their miracle.