About The Founder

Apostle Dr. Denise Smith-Lewis graduated from Faithway Church Bible School in Brooklyn, New York. There she obtained her PHD in Philosophy and her Masters Degree of Theology. She attended Northeastern University Boston MA. and is proficient in ASL, PSE and Sign English. She is a real estate investor and a certified paralegal.

Born the 7th child out of 9, Dr. Smith-Lewis has faced many challenges. As the product of a dysfunctional, broken home and years of sexual abuse Dr. Smith-Lewis became addicted to drugs at an early age. At the age of 16, she obtained her GED and hit the streets really hard, with no idea of where she would end up. Dr. Smith-Lewis then hitchhiked from Summerville South Carolina to Middletown Conn., where for years she lived from hand to mouth, most of the time not knowing what state she was in or where she would end up because she was always high. Fate had its way in her life when she was beaten and left to die in a dumpster in Springfield MA. God was not finished with her. She somehow crawled out of the dumpster and found herself sitting in a Job Corps office. Beat down, tired, and dirty; Dr. Smith-Lewis got on the van to Westover Job Corps. Where she graduated as a certified nurses assistant. Upon completion of Job Corps she moved to New York City.


While living in a New York City Shelter she attended Mos Dovius Para Legal school and became a housing advocate at Bedford Stuyvesant Community Legal Services. After working as a housing and welfare paralegal specialist she then attended real estate school and became a real estate agent. Shortly after she became a real estate investor, which brought her into millions of dollars, she opened Divinity Amour Transitional Service. She, not knowing, that it was God who was calling her out. A few years later she was arrested and jailed for 18 months for mortgage fraud. While incarcerated she wrote a 18 month program for change, the outline for Catch the Vision and her first book "Thru the Fire". After 18 months of being incarcerated, she was released on parole. With nothing but her red sweat suit and five note books, she moved into her nephew's house in Manhattan NY.


Within 30 days she opened Agapi Fellowship Transitional Housing. Within 9 months, she had opened 13 houses and assisted several ministries with setting up and opening their ministries or increasing their congregation. Indoing this, she was attending Bible college.


Dr. Smith-Lewis was ordained a Pastor in 2007, she was appointed and ordained Apostle in 2010. Today she resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. She currently has 10 transitional houses and continues to teach ministries on how to set up transitional housing and organized fund raising. She is the author of "Thru the Fire" and "My Morning Devotional". She is also a psalmist and has been recently working on a studio project  called "Worship With Me" which is to be released in 2015.


She shares her experiences, strength and hope to individuals who dare to believe, and under the direction of the Holy Spirit she directs and ushers them in to the ministry that has been given to them. Her life itself speaks to the heart of man, as she is truly God’s special messenger.